Seeking Acceptance

Acceptance- isn’t this exactly what we crave for?
All our life we struggle to fit in from the moment we’re born?

From family to friends to social and professional circles all alike,
We go on making compromises and changes lest we’re left behind.

“I don’t care what others think of me”- oh what a big lie it is!
I used to think I’m one of those but deep down I knew that the notion was amiss.

Probably, being labelled as a black sheep, stubborn or a rebel, kind of got to me
So, I made attempts and then some (at the risk of being fake) just to ‘fit in’.

‘Cause now when i look at the mirror, I feel so numb-
I stare at my reflection wondering what I’ve become.

I now wish that I’d seen myself through my own and not the world’s eyes,
As some where on the road to ‘acceptance’, I lost myself: I never stopped to realize.


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