Not Cool Enough

It took me a while to finish reading the text message of my teen cousin who swears by the SMS lingo. “Itz fun!” was her response when I asked her the reason behind this. However, I knew better than to point out the lack of an apostrophe and an  ‘S’ in her text.

I wasn’t shocked when I saw my friend (yeah, a grown up adult) speaking, err, texting in the same manner. No wonder, I’ve never been one of those cool people. In fact, here’s what happened the last time I conversed with someone of a similar breed. Below is the conversation excerpt:


And guess what? He blocked me after that!

Good thing he did; he was way too cool for me. 

At times, I wonder what had kept me occupied throughout the transition of ‘cool’ to ‘kewl’. Books, maybe. No, wait, I’m pretty sure about it. It feels like I’ve woken up from a deep slumber as I see pictures of young girls pouting and posing in front of mirrors while flaunting their painted red lips.

It makes me wonder if it is just me or the whole concept of the word ‘cool’ has evolved into something more profound? I was talking about this to a friend but it turned out that he was busy making faces at his cell phone. So what if you have a real person talking to you while you are busy taking selfies? The number of likes and comments are way more important and can make a huge difference in life. So can convincing the entire world that you are having the time of your life. Oh, and it is just so cool!

Logging on to Facebook and seeing status updates of my ‘Friends’ (sic) changing to ‘In a relationship’ to ‘Single’ to ‘In a relationship’ again amuses me. Not to mention the part where they share their serious life crisis via ‘It’s complicated’ or ‘In an open relationship’. I make sure to comment on the posts because my life lacks the drama theirs is bubbling with. 

And then there are the self-proclaimed feminists. The feminist women who want the guy to pay their bills, pull out chairs and open doors for them. But hey, being a feminist is the new ‘It’ thing – ever since Emma Watson set the trend. 

I also see many boys diligently working on ‘rich dad’s spoilt brat’ image as it will attract more girls towards them. I’m sure that wearing low-waist jeans which might fall off any moment and displaying your (fake) branded undies is definitely a chick magnet. After all, every girl likes a bad boy with ’swag’ who ardently believes in the glorious mantra of ‘Mah lyf mah rulzz’. Yes, they do. I mean, they are so cool.

There are about seven billion people in the world. Some might even pass off for my definition of normal, yet I am single. Maybe because I’m old school. Or maybe a stroll by the beach speaks more to me than a filtered picture of it. Or maybe alcohol is not what comes to my mind when I’m depressed or exulted. Or maybe because I’m not an inhabitant of the Planet Cool. Yeah, that’s it. 

With the rumours of the apocalypse being near, I reckon that it is about time that we started being more rebellious (even if it is without a cause), using more slang words and being cooler… after all, #YOLO, right?


7 thoughts on “Not Cool Enough

  1. In the early days of SMS, we had phones with hard keypads where you had to press four times to get ‘s’ (grammar option was hard to discover). Punctuations were also hidden. Few network providers also put restrictions on number of characters in one sms. Twitter burst onto the scene giving only 140 characters to express our thoughts.

    So the teenagers back then(we) started shortening their words(whr, ds, lyf, 5n, etc) and ignoring punctuations. It was necessary and not something they did to make them look cool(3+3+3+3)/kewl(2+2+1+3). Touch screens qwerty phones are becoming ubiquitous these days, still words are getting shorter and stranger. Old habits don’t die, they get worse.


  2. Really nice post. Describes so much about our generation (it is ours after all). I’m a new reader of your blog but I’ve enjoyed every one of your posts.

    Also the image you shared was really hilarious. XD


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