The Darkness Before The Dawn

If I had to compare, I would – with setting of the sun – as it kept getting darker and colder

Then came a point when I couldn’t see anything around and all I’d do was shiver.

I blinked hard and blinked some more but there was nothing to see – no shred of light,

All I could feel was unadulterated fear; I felt so lost as there was no one around to guide.

The fear, slowly, transformed into desperation and sheer sense of helplessness

I kept struggling hard to find my way but it felt like I was stuck in a maze.

“There’s gotta to be a way out!” – I kept mouthing while continuing my search for some light

As the darkness thickened even more, I might never get back home – I realised with fright.

“It’s over” – I thought; I was alone; hope seemed to leave me as well –

I wasn’t in Gotham and Batman was definitely not gonna come to save the day!

And then I felt it – the bright warmth that I had lost hope of being able to find

Trying to hold on to it, I took hesitant steps ahead that soon transformed into strides.

At last, I discovered – what I’d been looking for so desperately – the light

Busy searching for it everywhere outside, I’d not once bothered to look inside.

It gets brighter – the flame within me – and I won’t let it put out come what may,

I’m my own Super(wo)man, and by holding this light, I’m sure that I’ll find my way.

Note: Inspired by my first cousin’s poetry, this piece is for anyone and everyone who feel or have  felt lost at any given point of time. This piece is to tell you, “Hang in there and have faith – in yourself. It happens to the best of us.” This piece, I hope, will give you the strength to find your way. Thank you.


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