A Slut

I wrote this poem after learning about the sufferings of prostitutes. Regardless of whether they enter this profession willingly or unwillingly, they don't deserve to be treated the way the society treats them.

The Darkness Before The Dawn

If I had to compare, I would - with setting of the sun - as it kept getting darker and colder Then came a point when I couldn’t see anything around and all I’d do was shiver. I blinked hard and blinked some more but there was nothing to see - no shred of light, … Continue reading The Darkness Before The Dawn

Seeking Acceptance

Acceptance- isn't this exactly what we crave for? All our life we struggle to fit in from the moment we're born? From family to friends to social and professional circles all alike, We go on making compromises and changes lest we're left behind. "I don't care what others think of me"- oh what a big … Continue reading Seeking Acceptance