Can you love your family only if you live together?

I’ve been living away from home for over two years. I work, pay my own bills, buy my grocery (so what if I order from Grofers?), do my chores (sometimes), party, and everything else that goes with it. I’d like to believe that I’m a woman who’s fiercely independent, and someone who won’t let anyone … Continue reading Can you love your family only if you live together?


Going Solo

It took me several months to plan, scrap, plan again, and finally execute my first ever solo trip. I’d heard so many stories - from how a solo trip can be “life-changing”, or “absolutely boring” to “quite disastrous”. I realised that the only way I’d ever find it out for myself is by going on … Continue reading Going Solo

How I Unfucked Myself, And You Can Too

So it all started about 7 months back. “What?” is what you might be wondering. It was this bout of sadness. I tried to pass it off as a regular PMS except that this phase refused to pass long after my period had got over. The story doesn’t get over yet. I realised that I’d … Continue reading How I Unfucked Myself, And You Can Too

Tempus Fugit

September, 2014 - September, 2015 One year. A year since I moved out of my home - my comfort zone, and moved to Mumbai to start working. Long time ago, I’d sworn that I’d never come to Mumbai - I had a weird distaste for this city. But fate had other plans, I guess. And … Continue reading Tempus Fugit

The Art Of Saying ‘No’

Years ago, I had gone to my relatives’ place. One day, my aunt prepared sandwiches for me which I gladly ate. After finishing my food like an obedient child that I was, I went to see my (then) favourite cousin and playmate. The moment I entered her house, her mom grabbed my hand, made me … Continue reading The Art Of Saying ‘No’

From A Recovering Overthinker

In my life, I have lost a lot of things - my friends, my phone, respect for the people I used to admire, my bobby pins (almost every week), and the list goes on. But there is one thing that I am striving hard to get rid of - my habit of overthinking. Sometimes I … Continue reading From A Recovering Overthinker

A Letter To My Sister

Dear li'l (now grown up) sis, With you on the threshold of adulthood, I’m filled with a strange emotion. Anxiety? Protectiveness? I don’t know. But I do know that I feel the need to tell you a few things before you embark on this journey hereon and hence, the letter. I can sense the excitement … Continue reading A Letter To My Sister

Not Cool Enough

It took me a while to finish reading the text message of my teen cousin who swears by the SMS lingo. “Itz fun!” was her response when I asked her the reason behind this. However, I knew better than to point out the lack of an apostrophe and an  'S' in her text. I wasn’t shocked … Continue reading Not Cool Enough

The Untitled Rant

I am 22 years old. Recently, I started working. I wish to be independent- stand on my own feet as they say. Wish to be the right hand of my father. So what’s the problem, right? Well, I am a girl. An Indian girl. Recently, my parents came back to Kolkata after I settled in … Continue reading The Untitled Rant